Monday, September 11, 2017

IMAN Relief for Marawi

The war in Marawi led to the creation of IMAN Relief, a plain Facebook messenger group which  was aimed to notify colleagues and allies in health both in government and NGOs on the alert levels that has displaced more than half a million residents and loss of lives.

Despite being displaced himself in the war in Marawi which began on May 23 this year, IMAN Board Member Dr. Abdul Nasser Maca-alin took charge of the relief efforts as members and allied health professionals, government linkages from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao continue to interact and share expertise, active duties, donations and message of relief for Marawi victims.

IMAN, headed by President Dr. Al-Radjid Jamiri, a Colorectal Surgeon based in Zamboanga, is still in the process of formalizing its Mindanao Office. We request that our generous donors bear with us as we help facilitate various outreach work.

ISCAG (Islamic Studies Call and Guidance) Clinic staff in Cavite, Ms Vivian Balsamo, Ms Mylene Amarante-Makiling, Ms. Najwa Baliguas and Mr. Ismael Galicia help facilitate medical supplies from Luzon to Mindanao

Dr Andro Jesus Fernandez and Dr Almira Zoraida Fernandez, husband and wife team who led the facilitation of basic kitchen and bath supplies from Manila to south, including additional prayer garments and dates with the help of Davao groups; Dr Hance Angas joined Makati Medical Center's Surgical Team; Ust. Mustofa Mardjuki represents the Indonesian groups and individuals who helped make the IMAN Relief a success especailly in the first weeks of the distress
Dr Naheeda Mustofa gets interviewed and represents IMAN in a short notice interview by Makialam's Arvin Alivia and Marian Roces at Manila Broadcasting Network on Sept 1 2017

Prayer mats were amongst the first donations sent in our hope to ease the tensions

IDPs were even forced to live in trucks due to the siege

Dr Abdul Nasser Maca-alin initiated the distribution of gas stoves and tanks to help big families prepare their meals instead of firewoods

Packing of supplies with the help of several family volunteers in Iligan City

Mr Robert Magbuhos of Vamsler assists in the donation of medicines

Psychologist Jane Marie Dimacisil-Samur with husband Muhammed Mustafa Samur of Turkey facilitates Mental Health and Psychosocial Services for the IDPs and other distressed groups for over 4 weeks in various sites including Cagayan de Oro City, training professionals and allied health teams on how to approach loss and depression appropriately, avoiding political issues as much as possible

IMAN Founding President Dr. Abdel Jeffri Abdulla personally communicates and delivers 19 boxes of relief goods despite his busy clinic and OR schedules

IMAN Relief would not be made possible without the volunteerism of its members and network friends. We also believe that this post cannot justify the innumerable stories yet to be shared by individual muslim physicians on ground zero such as the continuous duties of Amai Pakpak Medical Center doctors in the midst of risks and other Regional Hospital physicians in action.

We request our donors and followers to please bear with our updates. In shaa Allah, more to come and please include in your duaas the immediate comfort for our brothers and sisters in faith 

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