Saturday, November 16, 2013

IMAN joins New Muslim Care in Healing and Feeding Program

Jabir reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The food of one person is enough for two, and the food of two people is enough for four, and the food of four people is enough for eight.” -Sahih Muslim 2059

A Healing and Feeding Program organized by the New Muslim Care Philippines was done last November 10, 2013 at BASECO1 Port Area, Manila wherein more than 300 children and 100 adults attended. The half-day activity included health lectures to the mothers, storytelling and games for the kids and a feeding program for the Muslim and Non-Muslim children of the said barangay.    

The activity would never be a success without the blessings of Allah and the efforts and support of the volunteers and members of other partner organizations, namely: Bangsamoro Overseas Filipino Workers Organization (BOFWO), a Baseco-based Muslim organization led by bro Nasra Guro Onsok; the Islamic Medical Association of the Philippines (IMAN); the Nur Factory Islamic Transformational Movement of the Philippines; and the community in Baseco.

This is the second feeding program conducted in the same area with the first one, another feeding program, done through the personal initiative of bro Abdul Wali in partnership with Nur Factory and BOFWO in August 2013 after the habagat storm.  In shaa ALLAH another healing program targeting more than 500 kids will be conducted in February 2014.

Please include us in your dua’as that these humble efforts will reach and serve more Muslim communities in the future. May Allah reward us all for every simple thing we do for His sake. Ameen.

(BASECO stands for Bataan Shipyard and Engineering Company)

Meeting with BOFWO

Preparing the foods

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