• Annual Strategic Planning for the year 2018. Held at Hoyoland Eco Park at Silang, Cavite last November 2017
  • IMAN Doctors and Medical Students during the 10th General Assembly held at UP College of Medicine, Ermita, Manila last November 2017
  • IMAN and PMA-LDS during the distribution of relief goods to the victims of Typhoon VInta (January 2018)
  • g
  • IMAN 9th Founding Anniversary and First Islamic Symposium Seminar
  • The Muslim Doctors and Medical Students who attended the 7th IMAN Founding Anniversary last Nov. 15, 2014
  • BMS Medical & Surgical Mission in Pikit
  • Medical Mission with Muslim Sisters Bridging Society, Inc.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

IMAN joins New Muslim Care in Healing and Feeding Program

Jabir reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The food of one person is enough for two, and the food of two people is enough for four, and the food of four people is enough for eight.” -Sahih Muslim 2059

A Healing and Feeding Program organized by the New Muslim Care Philippines was done last November 10, 2013 at BASECO1 Port Area, Manila wherein more than 300 children and 100 adults attended. The half-day activity included health lectures to the mothers, storytelling and games for the kids and a feeding program for the Muslim and Non-Muslim children of the said barangay.    

The activity would never be a success without the blessings of Allah and the efforts and support of the volunteers and members of other partner organizations, namely: Bangsamoro Overseas Filipino Workers Organization (BOFWO), a Baseco-based Muslim organization led by bro Nasra Guro Onsok; the Islamic Medical Association of the Philippines (IMAN); the Nur Factory Islamic Transformational Movement of the Philippines; and the community in Baseco.

This is the second feeding program conducted in the same area with the first one, another feeding program, done through the personal initiative of bro Abdul Wali in partnership with Nur Factory and BOFWO in August 2013 after the habagat storm.  In shaa ALLAH another healing program targeting more than 500 kids will be conducted in February 2014.

Please include us in your dua’as that these humble efforts will reach and serve more Muslim communities in the future. May Allah reward us all for every simple thing we do for His sake. Ameen.

(BASECO stands for Bataan Shipyard and Engineering Company)

Meeting with BOFWO

Preparing the foods

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ramadan 2013

Ramadan Kareem to All IMAN brothers and sisters, may this month be a Blessed, Healthy and Fruitful one for us all inshaAllah!
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IMAN Snapshots

MSBS-IMAN-Unilab Med Mission at Correctional Institute for Women in Mandaluyong

Source: www.facebook.com/Muslim Sisters Bridging Society

-September 30, 2012 · · Photos taken at Correctional Institute for Women - Mandaluyong City
"Alhamdulillah, September ended with a medical mission for 121 sisters at the Correctional Institute for Women. Jazakallaahu khayran katheeran to our doctors from the Islamic Medical Association of the Philippines, and Unilab for sponsoring some of the medicines given to our dear sisters"- MSBS

IMAN- It was a great opportunity having served an often neglected community of women in the correctional, where most have been abandoned by their own families due to imprisonment.  Some are mothers and wives themselves, some former breadwinners. Faith can further be at its lowest in this kind of environment but Alhamdulillah, the Correctional Institute for Women in Mandaluyong respect an interfaith relationship among its inmates and even conduct livelihood projects to keep them productive. Beautiful wallets with swarovski-like beads in different designs and colors as well as creative national flag key chains were just among the items for sale at individual shops inside the institute. Muslim Sisters Bridging Society (MSBS) has made an effort to share their legal expertise spearheaded by Atty Aisha Malayang as well as provide Psychosocial support with Muslim Psychologists like Prof Jane Marie Dimacisil. Dr. Nadhira Mangondato, OB Gynecologist and Dr Naheeda Mustofa were among the IMAN physicians present. 

Sharing that Colorful Hijab

Philippine College of Physicians Annual Convention -- SMX Mall of Asia - May 2013

Dr. Asniah Eppie and Dr. Omie Mangorsi

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tips on taking the PSBIM


Residency training in Internal Medicine takes up three years or more of our lives, which mainly involves making rounds, reporting cases, attending RTDs, and research. Taking the Philippine Specialty Board in Internal Medicine (PSBIM), however, requires diligent mastery of the Harrison’s Textbook in Internal Medicine and local Clinical Practice Guidelines, which often can be overlooked by ‘toxic’ duties, fatigued residents, or due to busy clinic schedules of internist graduates. 

Reviewing for the specialty board is both challenging and exciting. Challenging, since you would need to memorize and put into heart as many data, algorithms and ‘most commons’ in the textbook. Exciting, since you discover many options on how to review for the exam such as enrolling in an online review course at the convenience of your own home or workplace and learning how to compile a separate copy of all the disease Algorithms you will find in the textbook.

REVIEW NOTES.  Categorize your review notes according to the latest PCP Glossary of Prevalent Diseases and Disorders in Internal Medicine Practice, which is downloadable at www.pcp.org.ph. Create your own review notebook with 10 or more pages each for the subspecialties and write down as many important must-knows you can based on the diseases listed. For example, in Cardiology, allot a page each for Acute Coronary Syndrome, Valvular Heart Diseases, etc. For Pulmonology, a page each for COPD, Pneumonia, PTB, etc. Once you’ve finished your very own hand-made notes(with pride), you will gain enough confidence in the belief that you have gone through each of the disease entities in the textbook. Affirm and convince yourself you’ve learned them by heartFeel free to create your own mnemonics.

To help determine your time budget, don’t forget to check the percentage distribution of topics, i.e 60% will come from the major subspecialties. Last but not the least, find time to answer the latest edition of Harrison’s Self-Review Test Questionnares as well.

ONLINE REVIEW. The PCP-South Luzon (PCPSL) Online Review really helps adding confidence to the PSBIM taker since each question has a corresponding page where you may find the specific, verbatim answers in the textbook. Once you have answered all the emailed questionnaires, you have at least highlighted a great number of pages in your textbook which makes it easier for you to return to and review on. You will usually receive email invitations for enrollment before July of every year.

REVIEW CENTERS. Some prefer to enroll in PSBIM review centers and though it helps majority of internists, the downside is the costly enrolment fee. The assurance of passing is still dependent on your self-review skills. Hand-me-down review notes from those who have enrolled in these centers are useful as a guide. Create a folder for each of the subspecialties. This way, you would know which of the subspecialties have you read less or focused on more.

EXAMINATION PROPER. Now that you believe you are ready to take the exams, stay committed. Submit your Diplomate Exam Application Form at least a month or two before the deadline which can be retrieved from the website or from the PCP Secretariat in Ortigas.

On the day of examination, STAY POSITIVE! Believe that you will pass. Stay calm and simply follow all the instructions on the exam page as per examiner’s instructions. The exam comprises 2 sets, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The common fear arises when answering the Right minus Wrong (True or False) questionnaires. We have to accept that we have limitations, and perfecting the exam is near to nil. So, what I would suggest to takers is that if you are not 80-100% sure that the question is falseDO NOT shade False. It lessens your chances of passing.

Of course, on top of it all, constant prayers for divine help and an undying motivation help a whole lot in passing the exams. Find your own motivation, whether it be for your family, self-growth, or career. Altogether, it must be dedicated towards pleasing the Almighty Allah.

Goodluck and hope this helps you in your reviewing adventure!

-Naheeda Dimacisil-Mustofa,MD DPCP

2017-2019 BOARD Members

Dr. Abdel Jeffri Abdulla
Dr. Al-Nasser Maca-alin
Dr. Naheeda Mustofa
Dr. ALmira Zoraida Macao-Fernandez
Dr. Al-Radjid Jamiri
Dr. Ahmad Musahari
Dr. Rocaya Vanessa Mangondato
Dr. Jehada-Inn Alihuddin
Dr. Andro Jesus Fernandez
Dr. Aisha Ronsing-Guro
Dr. Ro-Janna Jamiri