Sunday, October 19, 2014

OLFU Muslim Medical Students join IMAN

Quezon City - Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) Medical Students were invited to join the committees for the upcoming anniversary to be held in Aloha Hotel next month.

Board Members Dr Al-Radjid Jamiri, Dr. Zhamir Umag and Dr Naheeda Mustofa together with OLFU medical students Madz Vincent Ibrahim, Scherazade Ibno, and Shameem Jailani tackled discussions on IMAN's beginnings, reactivation, and future plans to help medical institutions receive appropriate information on Islamic practices (ie patient's burial, hijab concerns) to assist hospital policies and address needs of muslim patients at an international level.

Invited guest speakers are Cong. Bai Sandra Sema, AMIN's Cong. Djalia Hataman, NCMF Sec Yasmin Busran-Lao, Atty Edilwasif Baddiri, and DOH ARMM Sec Dr Kadil Sinolinding.

Scientific sessions will cover Surgical Cancer and Nutrition, Renal Failure and Dawah. IMAN will also recognize Atty Rasol Mitmug Jr's role as pioneer volunteer legal adviser during the early years and Mr Moslemen Macarambon Jr for his IT assistance in making this webpage existent.

The upcoming 7th IMAN Founding Anniversary is expected to be a progressive step towards mobilizing its practitioners from different fields and medical students from various universities in the hope of elevating the status and spiritual role of muslim physicians in the Philippines, the Bangsamoro, and ASEAN nations, inshaAllah.

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