Monday, September 14, 2009

Madina physician meets with IMAN members

Naheeda M Dimacisil MD


Before Ramadhan started last August 22 2009, an informal gathering on Islamic Principles in Medicine was held at UP Manila with Dermatopathologist, Dr Alauddin Qadri, as guest speaker. Dr Qadri, an Indian national who joined more than 10 professionals from different countries to visit the Philippines for tabligh and dawah, expressed his appreciation of IMAN’s establishment.

Dr Qadri who has been based in Madinah for more than 10 years already, graduated from Taibah University and is a member of both the Saudi Dermatological Society and the Indian Association of Pathology. He has trained in skin pathology in Germany and has lectured on several religious dialogues for physicians.

Sharing thoughts on physician-patient relationship, he quoted a famous hadith on visiting the sick and attending to patients. Emphasizing on the role of physicians, he believes that “patients become the avenue for doctors to gain more blessings from Allah” and that as Muslim physicians, we should constantly renew our intentions of directing our services towards pleasing the Almighty alone.

When asked by an IMAN member on pharmaceutical company sponsorships, he noted that a taqwa or ruling has been made in Madina that any excessive or luxurious offer by some companies for doctors who are being requested to speak on a novel but unproven drug should be avoided. On the other hand, Dr Qadri agrees with sponsorships for conventions and other events related to advancement in medical education such as research and clinical guidelines. The Philippine Medical Association, under Dr Melchor Santos’ current leadership, is gradually implementing regulations to avoid any bias in medical management through regulation of pharmaceutical sponsorships as well.

The visiting Muslim professionals also held a forum on Islamic principles among students at the Ateneo de Manila University during the same month through Atty Rasol Mitmug Jr.

Among those who attended the forum were Dr Sherjan Kalim, Dr Mohammad Al-Moqtader Abedin, Dr Naheeda Dimacisil, Dr Nadhira Mangondato, Intern Norbaida Dipantar and former UP AMS President Angelie Dugasan.

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