Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cotabato flashfloods displace thousands

Naheeda M Dimacisil MD

August 5 2009

Over 80 thousand families were displaced upon the arrival of supertyphoon Jolina in Cotabato City and nearby provinces last July. Evacuation centers are still filled with residents coming from over 30 barangays. According to IMAN Board of Director, Dr Guiaria Camarudin, 35 out of 37 Barangays in Cotabato City have been affected by the flashfloods. Relief operations have started since last week and Mayor Muslimen Sema with family had to join banca rides to distribute relief goods to residents.

Long postponement of classes in public schools add to the
burden of thousands due to flashfloods

(In above Photo: Dr Guiaria Camarudin (extreme Right) with other physicians
assess and distribute goods to flood victims)

Among the physicians who continually assist evacuees and flood victims are Drs. Ibrahim Pangato, Zul Qarneyn Abas, Shiela Farisha Mangelen and others from ARMM and Region 12.
Dr. Camarudin has called the attention of both IMAN and the Young Moro Professionals Network in conducting donation drives for the affected residents. It is hoped that Muslim residents will be able to recover the soonest possible time in preparation for the upcoming Ramadhan this August. As of now, there are over 4000 families still staying at evacuation centers.

IMAN is currently accepting donations for the flood victims. Donations may be in the form of goods or in kind and may be forwarded to Dr Abdel Jeffri Abdulla, Professor in Anatomy, UP College of Medicine in Manila or through emailing us at

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