Friday, May 29, 2009

IMAN Acquaintance Party & Oath Taking Photo Gallery

As of today, there are around 100 Muslim Physicians in the membership directory of the
Secretariat wherein 45 are members of the egroup already. The 1st Acquaintance Party and Oath Taking of Members which was held last April 26, 2009 was attended by around 30 members only but accomplishment of Committee functions and election of each of its Officers already took place.

Please check out the Photo Gallery for details of the successful event! We hope that more Filipino Muslim Physicians and medical students will attend in the upcoming activities inshaAllah.

Dr Abdel Jeffri A. Abdulla, President, reminds attendees of the need to
strengthen IMAN in his welcome speech

Dr. Naheeda M Dimacisil, Secretary, presenting updates, challenges in networking and how IMAN was conceptualized in 2007

Dr. Al-Radjid Jamiri, Treasurer, facilitating
Committee Officers' Elections

BOD Dr Maaliddin Biruar (2nd from Left), was elected as Chair of
Committee on Outreach

BOD Dr. Sukarno Gani, an Anesthesiologist at Asian Hospital
presented planned Calendar of Activities for 2009

Ms. Norina Usman of Eternal Publications shares insights
in the creation of IMAN

BOD Dr Khasmin Ismael (2nd from right) with Dr Ayeshalinda Alonto (extreme right),
and PGI Anisah Samporna. Emcee Dr Nadhira Mangondato looks over

Intern Thazmahal Escio with cousin


Dr Ummi Alonto and Dr Mohaynisah Madali

Mr. Emre Serbetci, Eternal Publications Marketing Manager, launched
a book on "Message for the Sick"

PGI Ismael Ammad (left), PGI Ismael Pandapatan (2nd from right)

Dr Ranyah Sacar (left), OB Resident, with sister
Princess Elham Sacar (4th yr Med)

Dr Saud Basman (left) was elected as Co-Chair for Outreach

PGI Ismael Pandapatan, also the President of Fatima University's
Assoc. of Muslim Students rendered the Opening and Closing prayer.

(more photos to come)

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